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Units is a really useful app that lets you easily convert from various units into lots of others.

Units can convert hundreds of units from 43 different categories including Speed, Time, Length, Volume, Area, Power, Temperature, Fuel Consumption, Clothing & Shoe Sizes and loads more!

Units is now a fully universal app with native support for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads.

As an added bonus, Units also has a built in ruler, for doing small, quick measurements when the need arrises.

Units Premium disables adverts and allows you to reorder both units and unit categories to suit your needs.

  • Convert hundreds of units - Units has over 800 units across 43 different categories.
  • Convert currency - Units can convert between 88 different currencies, with rates updated daily.
  • Hide unused units - Units lets you hide units you don't use, allowing you to maintain a streamline conversion workflow.
  • Built in ruler - Units has a built in ruler allowing you to make small, quick measurements without carrying round a ruler.