What services does CameraSync support?

  • Dropbox
  • MobileMe iDisk (shutting down)
  • FTP servers
  • Amazon S3
  • Flickr
  • Box.net
  • Microsoft Skydrive (Photos only)

Why does CameraSync need access to my location to sync? Apple insists that apps with direct access to your photo library need to be approved for access to your location. This is because photos taken with your device's camera contain location data about where they were taken, and if an app was to a read a photo in your library a few seconds after you took it then it would effectively know your location. This is why we need access to your location, even though we never collect or use details of your location.

Can I have my photos automatically imported into iPhoto? Yes, as long as you use Dropbox or iDisk. Here's how:

  1. Once you've done a sync with CameraSync download this script.
  2. Open Finder and choose your Macintosh HD in the sidebar then browse to /Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts/ and move the downloaded script there.
  3. In your Dropbox or iDisk find the folder containing your devices photos, right click (or ctrl+click) it and either select "Folder Actions Setup" or "Services" > "Folder Actions Setup".
  4. You will be asked to choose a script, select the one you just downloaded "add - import into iPhoto".
  5. Make sure the box labelled "Enable Folder Actions" is ticked. That's it! Any new photos you sync will automatically be imported straight into iPhoto!

How can I speed up my sync? There are several things you can do to speed up your sync times:

  1. Avoid syncing on mobile data networks and sync using WiFi whenever possible.
  2. Sync frequently to avoid syncing lots of items in one go.
  3. Turn off video syncing if you only want your photos, as videos are much larger and take significantly longer to upload than photos.
  4. Only add services you care about, if you sync your photos to your Dropbox, iDisk, FTP server, Amazon S3 bucket and Box.net account then the photos have to be uploaded 5 times!
  5. If you're not bothered about the resolution of the uploaded photos then turn on photo resizing.

Do you / will you charge for additional services? Nope, all the services in CameraSync are included for the cost of the app. Any additional services added in future updates will be free to all owners of CameraSync.

Can I sync to multiple accounts? Yes and no. You can sync to more than one service (eg. your Dropbox & your iDisk), but you can't sync to more than one account for each service (eg. two different iDisks).

What service do you recommend using? Dropbox. It's fast, easy to use, comes with plenty of space and it's cross platform - meaning you can access your files pretty much anywhere (and with the desktop app installed all your photos magically appear - awesome!). They even have a nifty iOS app that allows you to view all your files. If you sign up for Dropbox then why not use this referral link then we'll both get 250MB of extra space.

Can you add [insert service here]? You can contact us on our support page and suggest it. If we get enough suggestions for a specific service we may well add it in a future update. No promises!

Does CameraSync work with the iPad? CameraSync is a universal app that works with iPads running iOS4 or higher, allowing you to sync photos imported with the iPad camera connection kit and any images in your Saved Images folder (such as those created by drawing apps). CameraSync will also support syncing photos and videos taken with the iPad 2.

Do I have to keep the app open while I sync? Nope, once you've started the sync CameraSync uses the backgrounding features of iOS4 to keep uploading even if you close the app. If you've closed CameraSync it will give you a notification to let you know when it's finished. We recommend keeping the app open for large syncs as CameraSync can only upload in the background for 5 minutes due to restrictions in iOS.

Can CameraSync resize my photos before uploading to speed up the sync? Yes! This feature is included in version 1.1.

Will CameraSync download photos, or just upload them? CameraSync is a one way sync, it syncs your photos to your service, not back down again.

Does CameraSync support RAW files imported from the iPad Camera Connection Kit? Yes, all your RAW files will be synced in full, although be warned - this may take some time due to the size of RAW files.

Can I safely delete the photos from my device once they've synced? Yes. CameraSync won't delete the photos on your service after they've uploaded. However, it's always wise to check your content is properly synced and backed up before deleting it - we won't be responsible for any data loss!

Will CameraSync leave all of my EXIF metadata intact? It will indeed! This was one of our key design goals for CameraSync. Everything from the location data to camera type etc will be kept in the photo.

Will the location data of my photos be added to Flickr? That's up to you! By default Flickr will not gather location data from photos uploaded, but you can change this in your Flickr account privacy settings by modifying the setting labelled "Import EXIF location data".

Does CameraSync let me pick what photos I want to upload? Nope, CameraSync is designed as a simple syncing solution that just syncs all your photos to your service.

What will happen to my iDisk with the switch from MobileMe to iCloud? Apple is shutting down the iDisk service on June 30th 2012, so you will be unable to use your iDisk from this date. There are more details available on our page here: iDisk Shutdown Info.

Why are my photos on SkyDrive being resized? Microsoft didn't used to allow uploading of full-sized photos, but this restriction has now been removed and CameraSync has been updated accordingly. To fix this, simply update CameraSync to the latest version.